Thursday, March 15, 2007

From forest to desert

People seem to wonder often how I can live in the desert and be in the green forest in a half hour. Here's a picture that kind of demonstrates that.

This is another photo from my friend Akal Singh Ji taken last summer. It's also on the same road as the site for the summer solstice camp, but farther up the road.


mandeep singh said...

Waheguru Jio

I think I just met Akal Singh at a keertan at Sat Kirin Kaur's new House in Brooklyn.

Is he from Tennessee?

Thats such a funny link if its the same guy cos I just met him about 2.5 hours ago.

All love Singh Jio

Dhan Guru Nanak

Prabhu Singh said...

Actually its' a different Akal Singh. Though I know the Akal you met, and he knows the other Akal, so I guess you'll have to meet the Akal Singh from EspaƱola, who is one of my best friends. We always go on outdoor adventures together so maybe you can come with us to one of the adventures this summer.