Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bhangra! - Following in my Dad's footsteps

My Pitaji was in a Bhangra troupe over 30 years ago and now I'm in a Bhangra troupe. I'm sure my Pitaji was probably the only Gora (white guy) in his troop and the troupe was probably all men, but times are changing :-) Here's a couple of videos from a performance that we were asked to do at a Diwali celebration in Albuquerque last year.
The first video is short, it's the first part of the first dance we did. (I'm the guy in green.)

The second video has most of the rest of the first dance. Unfortunately it doesn't have our cool finale or the second dance, but still it's fun to watch.

Thanks to HariBhajan Kaur Ji who filmed this from the audience on her digital camera.


manpreet kaur said...

You are a man of so many talents, Prabhu Ji!
I feel cheerful all over.
Have a nice weekend!

Harkiran Kaur said...

haha! well next time you come down to Deecee, you can teach some of us bhangra and yoga both!

Nice performance!

Anonymous said...

Thats brilliant stuff! superb performance and Well done :-) i hope Veerjee you can come pay us folks a visit in ireland too!

Gurvinderpal said...

singh ji
is Gurujot the one in Pink =)
many blessings singh

Prabhu Singh said...

Gurvinderpal Singh Ji, that was a different performance where Gurujot Ji was in pink :-)
In the blue is my brother and his wife is in blue also.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see how you have embraced the Punjabi Culture.

Gurjeet Singh said...

Sat Sri Akaal Prabhu, i would say that it was a splendid performance, can you please tell me the song album its really nice !

Prabhu Singh said...

Sorry Gurjeet Singh Ji, I don't know what the music is. I just learn and do the dances :-) Since I don't know Punjabi I don't know the words or meanings of any of the songs, or names of albums/artists/etc.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just browsing through the net and came across this page, I have to admit, the bhangra is very well done and most importantly you guys look like ur havin a blast.

Rab Rakha!!

Amit Mathew said...

Hey Prabhu:

I was browsing around to find out more abt the sikh day parade ans stumbled upon ur bhangra video. Awesome stuff man..!! I really liked the choreography and the enthu of the folks dancing.

Keep it going always..!!