Monday, February 26, 2007


I just thought I'd share some pictures I took of my brother's rabab. He's just beginning to learn it, but he's doing pretty well. Someday I hope that my brother and I can do kirtan together in the Gurdwara with him on Rabab and me on Dilruba.

Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana are engraved on the front
There are no frets on the Rabab.


Anonymous said...

the rabab looks beautiful!

how are lessons with bhai kultar singh ji coming along! do share the lessons with us if you can.

guru rakaha

Prabhu Singh said...

Khalsa Ji,
The course was last week, and it was incredible. I learned new ways for me to practice and get better with my voice. We didn't do any work with instruments. I again realized how much of a beginner I am (Not that I thought I was an expert, I think I may have forgotten how much more there is for me to learn). Later when I spent some time hanging out with Bhai Ji, I was mentioning blogs and I mentioned that I got a recording of his off blogs from people in Delhi (Upinder Kaur Ji and Balbir Singh Ji). Before I mentioned their names he said 'was it Angad?' I almost laughed thinking about everybody that knows you - lol.

Anonymous said...

Guru Fateh ji

It is amazing you got to spend time learning under Bhai Sahib ji.

Haha...even i am suprised as to how people know me.

Las yr while I was in india i had 2 people come up to me and ask me if i as angad singh from singapore, they knew me through the blog and the turban tying video.

Vhai sahib may eb coming to singapore soon.. I cant wait for that to happen.

rab rakaha

Gobind Khalsa said...

Your brother's learning the rabab! cool! so am I! thats a nice looking rabab, looks quite like chris mooney's rabab.

Oh before i say anything else, my name's Har Gobind Singh Khalsa and i'm from singapore and am a very close friend of Angad's....

back to the rabab, who's your brother learning from?

Prabhu Singh said...

Sat Naam Har Gobind Singh Khalsa JI!
I think I 'know' you from flickr.
My brother got this rabab via Chris Mooney Singh Ji. He had some initial lessons with Chris Ji, but I think Chris Ji has been MIA online for a while. My brother meets online with a young man in Toronto, who I think is named Karamjeet Singh, who plays the sarod. He has lessons via Skype and a webcam.
If you want to get in contact with my brother, just send me an email and I'll forward his addres.
Sat Siri Akaal!