Friday, February 16, 2007

Going to a samagam

If anybody reading this will be in Dallas this weekend, it would be nice to see you. (I can't believe I'm putting a picture of Texas on my blog! That's why I put the picture from my archive, for balance - lol) I would like to remind everybody to look at the grass next to the flower to see how small something beautiful can be.


Sifar said...

Hope you have a good time in Sangat. There is one comin up in Miami, FL March 2-4. How about that?

am_muzic said...

Enjoy sewa, simran and kirtan in Dallas. We will be missing this samagam. :(

Amar, Vegas

Anonymous said...

what a GREAT weekend!! how come we didn't hang out much this time, prabhuuu?!


Prabhu Singh said...

It was a great weekend! When I left the one thing I was regretting was that I didn't get to hang out with Japman very much. I guess I better get to another samagam soon. Do you know which samagam you're going to next?