Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beautiful people

I was talking to Mandeep Singh Ji last night and I was thinking of a really excellent photo that I got of him and his wife Charanpreet Kaur Ji. Then I thought, "I should put it on my blog." So here it is.
I almost ended up doing a speech at the reception - lol. I hadn't prepared one and I think that's why I got spared. I did start to think of an impromptu speech though and I think it would have been pretty good. Mandeep Singh Ji probably would have been so embarrassed, because I would have extolled his saintly characteristics. His embarrassment probably would have arose from his sincere humility, one of the characteristics that makes me think of him like a saint sometimes. I don't know Charanpreet Kaur Ji all that well, but I have an idea of her caliber and I know these two are very beautiful inside and out.


Raminder Kaur said...

This picture and this commentary brought tears to my eyes! Thank you sooooo much!

mandeep singh said...

Prabhu Singh Ji

Maharaj Ji

Im so lucky to have you in my life again brother. I hope I can touch your feet again soon Singh Ji.. You really have been a brick wall for me to lean on. Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Nanak, Thank you for blessing me with the darshan of this Piyara Singh, your son, Prabhu Singh.
How many Janams have I gone to get his darshan again.
One more benti Waheguru, please let me continue to do his seva Waheguru

Guru Ram Das Rakho Sarnaye

Gurvinderpal said...

oh veer ji
sat naam,
you said it perfectly... waheguru........
dhan guru ram daas, may his household for ever be blessed...
sat naam