Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rest of Albquerque Samagam pictures

Partap Singh Ji playing tablas, and Devinder Singh Ji sitting behind the Guru.
Gurujot Singh Ji, me, and Hari Singh Ji.

Isn't this kid so cute?

This is my friend Devinder Singh Ji, who lives in a town in Northern New Mexico, which is bigger than EspaƱola, but more remote. While talking to him at the samagam I found out that he used to speak Russian fluently. He told me a story that began with him in Leningrad in 1975. Later he told me another story about how he survived the Delhi riots of 1984. He's really pretty amazing, he's very kind and very humble and smiles a lot. I couldn't help but think of the contrast between him and all the gangster wannabe youth that are always talking about 1984, but weren't even born then. He endured the atrocities and still seemingly has no hate in his heart for any single thing. His wife Maninder Kaur Ji is also amazing. They are so kind and humble and inspiring.

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Balbir Singh said...

Dear Prabhu Singh ji,
You always give very nice photographs of scenic beauty as well the sikh events happening in other part of the world.Thanks for sharing.
Waheguru ji Ka khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh!