Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Anand Karaj of Mandeep Singh Ji and Charanpreet Kaur Ji

These kids from Baru Sahib did all the kirtan, including for the anand karaj. They are talented.
Many of the young women in Charanpreet Kaur Ji's family wore the same outfit.
I didn't learn his name as people referred to him as 'Baba Ji.' He is the spiritual head of Baru Sahib.
The laavans.
This is the perspective from where I was sitting. I have a new camera with 6x optical zoom!

After the anand Karaj I got this nice photo of the two.


Sikhi Seeker said...

They are a lovely couple. She looks so in love with him in the last shot - that is so sweet! And I remember he shares same connection with her from your last post :)

I had a question though and I really hope it is not offensive to anyone - Can a initiated Sikh marry someone who's not yet initiated to the faith?

Prabhu Singh said...

Sat Naam Bhen Ji.
If you think of Sikhi in terms of a religion more than a Dharma, then questions of rules come up and people give different answers based on their intellect. The 'panthic' maryada says that an amritdhari 'ought to get his wife baptised.' Now as I'm sure you can guess this line of thinking really offends me. Firstly to assume that an amritdhari is automatically male and secondly that he has some kind of power over his wife and thirdly that she can't make the decision for herself. I could get nailed to wall for some of my opinions, but I might as well state them. If 5 thieves put on a show and receive amrit, do they represent Guru Gobind Singh? If a 'panthic' maryada offends members of the panth and dishonors (in word or translation) the divine feminine how much of the Khalsa panth does it represent? I'm fine with most of the maryada, but it does allow for shortening of bani and it has (at least in the translation) several lines that are sexist and offensive. I accept bani as laid out by the Guru and treat women with full respect because I follow the way of the pure. That to me is Khalsa, living your purity, represting the purity of God, showing this comittment to the world (sangat). Rules and regulation are for humans. God is behind everything, God has no rules or religion. The Guru has showed us the way, as the Guru directs you, you should act.
Really nobody can initiate you into faith. Our faith is individual. Receiving Amrit is not an initiation into the Sikh 'religion,' it's a personal journey. Just as the Guru directs one to receive Amrit, I think your question should be decided by the individuals who are involved as the Guru directs their conscience.

Raminder Kaur said...

Beautiful pictures!! Do you mind sharing the rest of them, I would love to see them! (my email: teraroop10@yahoo.com) It was really nice meeting you in Florida at the Anand Karaj!!

Anonymous said...

Baba ji is ex director of Agriculture in Indian state of Himachal Pardesh. He's higly educated fellow like his inspiration Baba Teja singh(the founder of Baru Sahib) was lawyer and A.M. from Harward, who helped Sikhs establish in Canada around early 1900s. He's not like these fake Sants we see comming to US or Canada to pile dollers.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Thank you for that wonderful answer :)

Anonymous said...

If you can read gurmukhi, there're two very good books written by Baba Teja Singh Ji. Even though they're about Baba Attar Singh Ji Mastuane wale, but there're tons of spritual and moral guidance that normally people over look. And of course, it's untold history which should be good enough for any sikh to read.

J said...

Where did he get that outfit from?

J said...

did he get married in India?

If you can, please email me "saffronflag@aol.com"


Anonymous said...