Friday, December 29, 2006

Morning of Anand Karaj

Mandeep Singh Ji with family and friends.
Mandeep Singh Ji, with Darren Ji and Prerana Ji.
Arriving at the Gurdwara.
The Pita jis of the bride and groom.
Mandeep Singh Ji's brother and other family and friends.


Vicky Singh said...

Marriages are always fun to attend :D

I am just wondering.. Is mandeep singh from New York? and his work related with Art/painting field?

Harnav Bir Singh Khalsa said... its your turn Prabhu Singh ji...i can't wait for the post labled > Prabhu Singh ji's wedding :-P


Darren said...

Happy New Year Prabhu,

The pics of the wedding are awesome. So when are you going to tie the knot with someone? Hope to see you very soon.

Darren and Prerana