Thursday, December 07, 2006

First big snow

Last Wednesday I was driving to work and I saw a light dusting of snow across most of the land. But by the time I left work that day things had changed.
This was the morning dusting of snow.
This was driving home from work. My normal half hour commute took 3 and 1/2 hours. The traffic was bumper to bumper averaging about 5-7 mph all the way home.
Snow on top of the roof of the langar kitchen and snow on top of the dome of the Gurdwara.
Icicles on the langar kitchen and snow on the dome of the Gurdwara.


Japman Singh said...

haha.. god forbid you guys experience a canadian winter.

your light dusting was a Canadian definition of "hey, it's a nice day outside!"

poor americans :)

Anonymous said...

Your friend sukha singh is youth of the month!