Thursday, November 30, 2006

More from the samagam

The sangat in the langar hall, which used to be the Gurdwara.
Me and the guys.
Hari Singh Ji talking to two people from Las Vegas. One is originally from Chile and the other is originally from India. Amar Ji is on the right, he is the one from India :-)
Harpreet Singh Ji noticing that I'm taking his picture. The rest came out blurry, but at least I got him :-)
Gagan Singh Ji, Harsharan Singh Ji, and Gurpal Singh Ji.
More of the sangat. On the left is Deva Singh Ji and Jagat Singh Ji from EspaƱola.
If you read my blog regurlarly you'll probably remember that I met Balbir Singh Ji at the L.A. samagam last year. It was cool to see him again this year. My brother, Hari Singh Ji, is the blurry person in this photo.


SikhsRus said...

That is a beautiful Gurdwara! You have to make it to San Francisco Bay Area one of these days. That is a long drive from Espanola to Bakersfield and it looks like you did it over the long weekend. I haven't been blogging much lately, just posts here and there and occasional surfing. Thanks for sharing pictures.

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos.
You look great in your blue Bana!
Guru Ang Sang

singhu said...

Khalsa Jee, Fateh...

You are great!...In fact, Satguru has also blessed me a blue Bana!, but I have never wear it in Gurudwara...But everytime after seeing your photos(darshan)...I can feel the Bana power auto.....Perphas is time to change...& have the courage to wear Guru Jee blessed Bana. (hope it could influence other people also into sikhi) Hope I will have the confident to wear it this Sunday...:).


autumn said...

veerji--thanks for sharing these pictures. i find it so beautiful that you refer to sangat with 'ji.' definitely something i can learn from.
thanks again, and chardi kala brother.