Friday, November 03, 2006

I love

I live in a relatively remote area in Northern New Mexico. People don't often come through here to reach a big city. People don't often come here for economic opportunities as there is a lot of material poverty here. People either come here to be here, or come through on their way to enjoy the surrounding nature or culture or art.
People come here to be in the spirit of something beyond themselves and simultaneously within themselves. People come here for beauty. People come here now, because they know who we are.
Before the internet our community and many other communities were not connected so strongly with others as they are now. Having never schooled in India or spent significant time in India, I only had the opportunity to learn about Sikh Dharma from my local sangat which was small when I was growing up. Then along came I learned so much and I met so many people. I began to see what the global community was like. There were many things that shocked me as I began to learn more about the global community via the internet, but at the same time I saw a gathering place for the global community. Even if there are millions of 'Sikhs' who commit unrighteous acts, there are thousands of Sikhs (even on the internet) that live righteous/Dharmic lives and are here to share that inspiration.
Most of what shocked me I learned outside of Sikhnet, and much of what has inspired me I learned at Sikhnet. That's why I love
Further I appreciate so much of what Gurumustuk does. He never quits. I'm sure he doesn't get a large salary and still even when he's not at work he's doing seva. He works for Sikhnet all day and then later does which an inspiration to all of us. I was thinking about his tireless efforts the other day after talking to my brother and a friend who had been instant messaging Gurumustuk on off hours on two consecutive days. It wasn't just chatting with friends Gurumustuk was discussing Sikhnet work and projects etc. is a legacy. It's the kind of service and inspiration that any Sikh would be proud to be a part of in their lifetime. Thanks to the whole Sikhnet team.
We can't put a monetary value on what Sikhnet has given us, but we can certainly make a contribution to support this amazing service.


Sikhi Seeker said...

What a compelling expression of the services provided by Sikhnet. I owe an extreme lot to this organization. Having unshaken faith is a gift, but having something/someone help you restore it in different ways is just priceless.

I think all the wonderful sevadars of this community are especially blessed by Satguru ji :)

Thanks for posting this Prabhu ji. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on people/communities that have had such a positive impact on our lives!

Gurupurab di bahut vadhayi!!

SikhsRus said...

Sikhnet is one of the best things happened within our community to bring ideas, thoughts and sharing experiences, history, events, future together as one big happy Khalsa family. May Waheguru bless the team with more and more success!

Gurpurab dian vadhayi Prabhu Singh Ji!

niyarakhalsa said...

I disagree , these days sikhnetcom has become no.2 in the rankings ..... and the no.1 is undoubtedly.