Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Went to see the colors...

I went to the same place I went last year, on the same weekend (3rd weekend of October) however, the colors weren't there. It's been cold then warm then cold then warm then normal here, so I guess that caused the leaves to turn brown and fall off. We did see some colors though. These pictures are misleading because I have a picture of just about all the color and leaves we saw. In the whole day we saw only a few colors, but I took pictures of them :-)
Last year there was a rainbow of color, above and below in this area.

Scarcity of colors and leaves.

The most color we found all day, on the way back from our hike.
Pictures from last year:

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Anonymous said...

It's absolutely beautiful, the older photos are nice but so are the newer ones. I like seeing the contrast between the fiery red and the grey hues of bark. The beauty of Guru ji is absolutely memerizing. Thank you for posting!