Thursday, October 12, 2006


On this tree all the leaves fell but the jujubes remained.
The other jujube in the background still has green leaves.
My brother and I went to the Siri Singh Sahib's ranch to pick some jujubes and I thought these two trees looked really cool. They both lost their leaves, but have some kind of other berry left on them, and they both have flowering vines growing up them.

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SikhsRus said...

Its funny, after getting inspired about Jujube trees by you and Hari Singh, I started looking into them. Guess what, the local Chinese market had a tree with Jujubees on it for sale and my wife surprised me with it a few weeks ago. Then last week leaves started to fall, and we started wondering if the tree was dying, but then found out that they are decidous and leaves naturally fall off in fall. Its still in the pot and haven't planted it yet. Somehow they taste a little different (blawish and more pulpy inside) than the Indian variety. It has been a long time, but somehow I remember them a little sweeter, fun and yummier. Of course I was much younger then and things smell, taste and feel different when you are a kid. And, taste buds probably changed with age too or may be its the environment. Still, we enjoy them.