Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Being the last guy out has it's advantages, you can take some nice photos. These gates are usually open. Or when they are closed, you are usually on the other side.
Closed for the night.


SikhsRus said...

These are nice Prabhu! I have one question: What time do the doors open and close? Sometimes, I feel that the people at the Miri Piri and locals in Amritsar are so blessed to be around Harimandir Sahib. If one were to think deep, I bet some in Amritsar don't even realize how lucky and blessed they are to be close to Harmandir Sahib. Only when you are far away as some of us in U.S., or Canada etc. one realizes the importance of this place in Sikhism and Sikh history. The sad thing for me is how the religious and government institutions are doing very little to spend the energy to keep the City clean. But the City of Patiala is being given crores of rupees for preservation just because being the home city of Chief Minister Amrinder Singh. I feel like may be just go there and start picking up garbage and start sweeping outiside the complex. If not cleaning, at least it will be good for the ego.

Deva Singh Khalsa said...

Prabhu Ji,
When are you going to update your SEVA blog?
We are all desperately waiting to see what great service you have been doing in your community.

lakwinder singh said...

very nice photos,Guru piyario.May waheguru bless you with charhdi kala.With sikhs like you future of sikhi is very bright.

Lakwinder singh

Prabhu Singh said...

Manjit Singh Ji, I don't remember the schedule that well since it's now been almost a year! It's hard to believe, I think I need to go back for a little while :-)
I agree about picking up trash, but where to put it? In all the time I've spent in India I've never found a trash can in public.
I'm amazed people don't throw their trash on the parkarma, since they through it everywhere else. When I was there I lectured a few people about throwing trash on the streets and about other negative environmental impacts that they are making which can be easily changed. I also emphasized the point to anybody who would listen and could understand that the impact of the individual is huge in regards to the impact of the society. Basically that you should be the first not to throw trash on the street and tell all others that you know. It will make a difference.
My brother, who is like the environmentalist of the family, found several huge problems in Amritsar which could be eliminated or improved by composting organic waste. Some were: the mouse problem, stray dog problem, diseases spread by animals fed off of street waste, cleaner streets, healthier mulch for farms and gardens, less trash -> less burning -> cleaner air.
With all the ingenuity amongst most NRI's I'm surprised somebody hasn't started a very successful recycling business in the cities of India. In Amritsar alone I saw so much trash that could be recycled and reused, which could make a lot of money for someone.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


Dhan Dhan Guru Raam Daas Sahib jee

SikhsRus said...

Ah! The recycling business! I had suggested it before on Sifar Ji's blog once. There are so many business opportunities in India like this for someone to make money in India. Helps environment as well.