Monday, September 25, 2006


Usually I get material for my blog on the weekend, but some weekends I don't do that much exciting stuff. I've worked on cars that past two weekends. One weekend I put new fuel injectors in my BMW. (I put fuel injector cleaner in my car and it ruined the injectors) Now I get better gas mileage. Then this weekend my brother and I put a new timing belt on the Toyota that he owns and that we commute in to work. I thought yesterday 'Why not put pictures of some of the mundane stuff I do on my blog?' So here you are:
Replacing the timing belt. It's kind of a precise job.
Woops. I broke the old belt when taking it off.
These pictures were taken with my phone, so this one has my brother's finger in it. Here I am in my ocassional weekend uniform.

Oh did I forget to mention, even amongst my mundane tasks God continues to bless me with incredible beauty. All I could say when I saw the mountains this weekend was 'Sat Naam Siri WaheGuru.' I kept repeating over and over again, as I took notice of God's beautiful art. The snow was so white and so bright, I couldn't take my eyes away and I couldn't stop praising the giver of All. Thank you for this beautiful Life. WaheGuru!


Siri Dyal said...

de que depende que las cosas sean mundanas???? donde dice????

SikhsRus said...

Wow! Timing belt and all. You and Hari sure are jacks of all trades. I mean mechanics, jujubee farmers, computer scientists, photographers, musicians and probably many other talents I may not even know. I can probably change a tire, oil (althought only done it once ot twice in life), fuses, brake pads and minor upkeep. Timing belt, engine, fuel pump etc. seem very intimidating. Prepping and painting the house right now though. Espanola sure is a beauty!

mandeep singh said...

Satnam Waheguru
Satnam Waheguru
Satnam Waheguru

Anonymous said...

inder mohan singh:

hi prabhu. your blog is most beautiful. i like it v much. photos are really very very nice. keep it up. bye