Monday, September 11, 2006

Rest of Toronto pictures

In the sangat.

I wasn't the only one taking photos :-). If I were to give this picture a title it would be called 'half famous.' (oh yeah, I got my right arm in the photo again).
I didn't learn the name of everybody, just Manmeet Singh Ji, the little boy with a lot of charisma.
Twin sisters, Mandeep Kaur Ji and Manpreet Kaur Ji.
Sean Ji and Jagneet Singh Ji.
Looks like a babaji - Heera Singh Ji
Downtown Toronto. You know there's a lot of Punjabis in a city when they have public signs with the Gurmukhi script. I guess there's no word for emergency in Punjabi ? So they wrote amerjainsee in Gurmukhi. I would have written it as:


SikhsRus said...

I heard in Canada, they even allow people to take driving license exams in Punjabi. That seems scary, especailly when the signs are in English. Ha Ha! I guess it would depend on how emergency is pronounced by someone as in Exit/Eskimo or Evil/Eat.

manpreet kaur said...


...only half famous????

Japman Singhhhhhh said... pics with prabhu this time??? i thoguht we took a few..i was waiting to see my mugshot up on the internet :P

Prabhu Singh said...

Manpreet Kaur Ji, you can only see half of him, but he is pretty famous. I told him I wouldn't put any pictures of him the net, but I only got this one and it's not really of him, but half of him :-)

Japman Singh Ji, we did get some pictures together some came out a little blurry. I probably should have put them up :-) I could send them.

ss said...

"but I only got this one and it's not really of him, but half of him :-)"

I'm half ok with that :-)

I'm just sorting my shots out - I got some not bad shots of you. I got one up already on my blog. Might do a few more once I sort thru them all.
Good meeting with you Prabhu Singh.

ss said...

Oops should clarify - when I say "I got one up already on my blog." - it's not a shot of Prabhu Singh I got up - but one I took of a sarbloh kara. I do have sangat shots as well - some are up on my flickr set now - under my sept 2006 set.

R* said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

I had to respond seeing that I met you for the first time at the smagum. I was the one who asked if you could pass on my fateh to Gurumustuk Singh and family.

In addition, I wanted to say that I had the pleasure of meeting the half famous guy in person and was honoured!!

Japman - I was able to spend time with your nieces and my long lost sister!!

Manpreet Kaur - I came up to you and your sister as well to try and recruit you both for an event on Saturday evening, remember? How embarrassing!

Guru Fateh to you all.....

manpreet kaur said...

oh dear, you talked to one of that other half million of MK's in the world.
I would accept (almost) any offer on Saturday in Canada :-) ...

the other manpreet kaur :) said...

hehe that was me n my sis "r*" penji! :D

great blog prabhu uncle ji!