Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Canada pictures

I do have some Toronto pictures that I didn't put up. Some were blurry but this one came out alright.

While in Toronto I realized I was pretty close to Ottawa. I have friends in Ottawa who I haven't seen in a while. Also I thought it would be cool to see another city. My friend Mukande Kaur from Ottawa hosted me and took me to see my other friends and other parts of the city.
This in the Gurdwara in Ottawa.
It was starting to get late when we got to the Gurdwara so the lights were dim. Until my eyes adjusted this is what I saw. It's a pretty cool site, and the Gurdwara seems real nice.

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Gurvinderpal said...

sat naam veer ji
thats amazing i never saw bhai heera singh ji in a royal blue chola simply amazing.!!! wow wahe!!!!!!!
dhan guru dhan guru piyaree