Friday, August 18, 2006

Rest of my DC pictures

The National Cathedral
Say Hello to Ishnaan Kaur. The day after I met ISingh's daughter who is 2 and speaks Punjabi, I met this precious 2 year old who also speaks Punjabi.
The third 2 year old that speaks Punjabi that I met. This is Mohinder Singh Ji and his daughter Jasmeen Kaur. Mohinder is a really nice guy who was staying at the National Gurdwara while in DC for an internship.
She's so adorable.
The inside of the national Gurdwara (with Mandeep Singh Ji).
The front of the National Gurdwara, around the corner from the national Cathedral.
Prabhjit Singh Ji. A nice guy who let us stay at his house the last night I was there. He then showed us how to get to the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Gurdwara on the last day of my trip. Prabhjit Singh Ji is one of the organizers of and the tour of Bhai Roop Singh Ji.
Gurdwara Guru Gobind Singh Foundation in Maryland.
Inside the Gurdwara.
The Gurdwara starts with kids playing kirtan. Also the Granthi and the Raagis explain the shabads they sing in English. It is a nice Gurdwara program which encourages kids to participate and understand.
Me and Mandeep Singh Ji in front of the Gurdwara, just before him and Darren Ji dropped me off at the airport, where my long journey home commenced.

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