Monday, August 14, 2006

More pictures from last week

Mandeep and Darren came down from New York to visit. It was awesome. Mandeep Singh Ji is my Khalsa brother and an inspiration. Darren Ji is a good friend of Mandeep's and was his roommate in college. Darren's really smart and conscious about a lot of things, which I admire.
Randhir Singh Ji and me. I encouraged him to do funny postures for a couple pictures. He's from Perth Australia which he said is the most isolated city on Earth and has the most high speed internet connections per capita as a result. This picture was taken by Harkiran Kaur Ji another inspirational person I met while in DC.
The Vietnam War memorial.
A seemingly typical neighborhood in Virginia. Mandeep and Darren kept laughing at me whenever we'd go to somebody's house because I'd always say 'this place is a mansion.' They'd always say it wasn't, but to me, they're mansions. In this neighborhood the houses were a bit bigger and they conceded that some of these are kind of like mansions.
I Singh Veer Ji's house. I Singh Ji is really a nice guy who invited me and Mandeep and Darren over for breakfast. Mandeep and I had gone to Sadhana in Herndon Virginia and took a nap afterwards. By the time we got to I Singh's house it was kind of late so we had brunch. He was a great host and gave us a lot of food and then went with us to DC and the Smithsonian. His 2 year old daughter is adorable and she seems to know Punjabi pretty well.
The Washington Monument
The capitol building
National Gallery of Art. We didn't actually go inside because we had time constraints since we were meeting people.


Raminder Kaur said...

Haw! It's Mandeep Singh! He's my inspiration too. The Vietnam War Memorial picture looks very artistic with the reflection! Great pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your blog while searching for my home-town Baba Bakala.. & I'm amazed by your blog.

You write a lot & you are writing amazing things & all these pictures are amazing too..

you are inspiring me to revive my dead & meaningless blogs..


My of life Pictures said...

Great pictures my friend just had to come and Say hello

mandeep singh said...

nice job singh jio...

prahhu singh jio

dhan guru nanak jio

satvinder said...

ha haa!! Prabhu veer ji, I agree they are mansions! (",)

hmnnn maybe I'll post a picture of H's and mine "mansion" one day and the chaps in virginia will understand why their places appear like mansions to us.

uh over use of the word mansion in this comment.

over and out (",)