Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is this the desert?

When I was in DC it was so hot and humid. It was over 100 degrees every day and really humid. It almost never reaches 100 in Española and it's rarely very humid. With DC weather I was quite happy to come back where we have cool summer nights and (fairly) moderate summer days. When we had our unscheduled landing in Oklahoma city it was 103 there, it was over 100 in DC when I left and then it was over 100 in Dallas. Before knowing that the flight to Albuquerque was cancelled the pilot anounced that it was 82 in Albuquerque and I was thinking how nice it would be. It was nice when I got there. There have been really heavy monsoon rains and all the native grasses have turned green.
The mountains are always green, but this vast expanse in front of the mountains is usually yellow (from dry grasses) and brown from the dirt. Most of the year, the native grasses in the desert are yellow. They only turn green during the monsoon season, but not always this green or in this much area.
Can you imagine this is just about 10 minutes outside the biggest city in New Mexico?
I was again taking photos while driving, so I was surprised they came out okay. Where these horses are grazing you would usually find dry yellow native grasses and the only green would be the junipers that you see dotting the landscape.


Siri Dyal said...

Orale! :)

Singhu said...

Khalsa Jee,

We have even hotter and humid weather here...So you are still lucky..:).

Nice photos..