Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Technically I was in Vienna Virginia for my training, but I went to DC most days I was there.
This is where my work put me up. I don't know why I needed two beds?
The bathroom had marble countertops and everything seemed kind of 'uptown.' Yet as much as you pay for the room, they don't have breakfast and you have to pay $10 a day for wireless internet. Work should have put me up at motel 8 or something which has breakfast and free internet, with lower rates.
I was on the 8th floor of the hotel and my training was on the 12th floor of the building pictured here from my hotel window.


Inderpreet Singh said...

Prabhu Singh

Welcome to the world of business travel!

As you know, I work in the wireless business. I was at a wireless conference once in Canada and the president of the Canadian Association of Hotels said in 2004 "In the next two years, if there is any hotel that does not provide wireless internet access to their guests for free, that hotel should be out of business.".

Carhdi kala!

mandeep singh said...

Waheguru JI....i loved doing the Sukhmani Sahib with you

chardi kala