Thursday, August 10, 2006

DC buildings

While I was in DC I told a few people that where I come from people live in mud huts and mobile homes. I was exaggerating a little bit, considering some of the adobe mansions that people build in Santa Fe. But we definitely don't have any thing like the following, which seems to be common in DC and maybe the whole east coast (it reminds me of Europe):
The federal triangle metro stop.
I'm not even sure what these buildings are, they're just huge and way different from anything in New Mexico.
This is called the old post office, if you click on the picture you can see that it says 'old post office' on the archway above the door. If you saw 'the old post office' here in EspaƱola (Santa Cruz, NM) you'd see something WAY different. The locals know what I'm talking about. It really does look like a mud hut now. That's the post office I grew up going to. Even though we have street names now, the post office won't deliver to many of the addresses so it makes sense to have a post office box as well as a physical address for packages.

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