Monday, August 14, 2006

Bhai Roop Singh

Another new friend that I met in DC is Prabhjit Singh Ji who is involved in several seva activities including the following:

First Sikh Youth Parcharik (Clergy) hired in North America on Tour

Washington D.C. - Bhai Roop Singh, a professional Sikh story teller for 22 years, is coming to North America to work full-time for the Sikh Youth Commission. Currently, there is a crisis amongst our youth, and there needs to be full-time work to help. We have at its core, a large percentage of youth that do not understand and love their faith. Consequently, they have very low self-images, self worth, and even lower self-esteem. Bhai Roop Singh will work hard to understand the problems that the Sikh youth are facing and find ways to address these issues. To do this, he will be leading workshops, organizing mini camps at Gurdwaras, representing Sikhs at interfaith meetings to understand how they work with their youth, and coordinating a phone/e-mail hotline for Sikh youth to ask questions. In addition, Bhai Roop Singh will continue to travel all across the country to tell stories to young school children, to spread the message of Sikhi so that the next generation will understand the faith.

Bhai Roop Singh currently will be traveling from the UK, where he currently resides, to work with the youth of North America. Within 1 year, Bhai Roop Singh and his family will move to Washington D.C., the headquarters for the organization, to take this position on full-time. Only when Bhai Roop Singh comes on full-time will the work he is doing in North America take shape.

Bhai Roop Singh was born and brought up in the UK and became a non-keshdhari when he was 18 until 1984, when the attack on Harmindar Sahib occurred. This event caused serious interest in Roop Singh, as he then took Amrit. Shortly after this, he began teaching basic classes to children and began going to schools across the UK to speak about Sikhi in the form of a story. Then, shortly afterward, he went on his own to speak to schools full-time as a guest speaker. He now independently promotes the Sikh Religion and visits over 100 schools per a year and reaches over 10,000 students per a year in the UK. He also conducts workshops worldwide with college students and professionals at conferences and retreats throughout the year.

Bhai Roop Singh will be going on a total of four tours, prior to him coming permanently. His first tour is from Aug 21 – Sept 3. On this tour, he will be going to two camps and conducting workshops in four Gurdwaras in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. To see the full details of the dates and locations of the tour, please go to

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