Friday, July 07, 2006

Solstice sunset

I went to work on the Monday of the solstice week and then I took the rest of the week off. It was an awesome week, beyond words. Meditating and being with people of consciousness for a whole week is just amazing. On my way to the site on Monday evening I saw a nice sunset. I took pictures through my windsheild which was really dusty from the road. Anybody who went to solstice, this photo might take you back.


Sikhi Seeker said...

gorgeous and serene!

mandeep singh said...

sure does take u back... coming to ur blog takes me back there..

two words... chardi kala

t-kaur said...

wow i can't believe I forgot how beautiful it was there and i can't wait to plan a trip back...just in case you don't remember me I'm SK's and Amardeeps Sis

Prabhu Singh said...

T-Kaur, nice to know who you are, your 'gupt' sister was unknown to me for a while. I had seen her blog for a good while before knowing it was her. Great family! I wish the best for you all.
Sat Naam.

Anonymous said...

great picture