Monday, July 03, 2006

Solstice pictures

I realized I better put up more solstice pictures or people are going to get upset :-) Well these are almost all my pictures, or at least the ones that I'm willing to put on the internet. I took some really funny close ups of my friends during the breaks from the tantric yoga, but those will be for me and my friends to laugh at.
The tantric shelter and the mountains in the background.
Morning Sadhana.

Himmat Singh Ji, the authority! I think he was in charge of grounds during the solstice camp and he was very busy.
Sat Dharm Singh Ji from Mexico.
Mr. Sikhnet himself, pre Charanjeet days.
Resting between the exercises.

Siri Chand Singh Ji getting reception in the mountains.
Stretching, relaxing, socializing between the meditations.
Siri Dyal Kaur Ji from Mexico, me, Mukhande Kaur Ji from Ottawa, Sat Pavan Kaur Ji from Chile.
Me and my main man, Mandeep Singh Ji! This guy is way too awesome, he was my tent-mate for solstice. I have a 5 person tent, so we had plenty enough room. As luck would have it (or skillful scheduling :-) I will be seeing him in a few weeks when I go on travel for work.


mandeep singh said...

its so weird how i do more yoga than you, actually everyone does more than u...jk. and u are more punjabi than me besides the looks. its like a role reversal. ur like so at home with the punjabis its so funny. u need to show the pic of you with the punjabi truck driver dastar... i think gurumustuk took that one to explain what im talking about...

cant wait to get ur darshan again veerji, very fortunate here, thanking guru nanak

satnam waheguru

Tropical Princess said...

hey prabhu....its Harveer from Singapore....just saw ur comment on Jasbirs i tot id say hello...din have time to get u all ppls contacts and stuff so here i am sayin hello! HELLO! holler back! :)

sat dharm said...

Thanks for keeping those other pictures safe and private. Specially the "sexy" one. Hahahahaha =).
Blessings brother.

Sikhi Seeker said...

These pictures are very nice - most importantly happy and blissful.
SatNaam WaheGuru!

Anonymous said...

is that beautiful mukunday bhenai ottava wale? no. the other kaur on your left looks so much like this girl i know in BC, jaspreet kaur