Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On a roll

I have a 2 GB card in my camera so I usually wait to delete the bad pictures from my camera until I see them on the computer. Sometimes however, I delete the bad ones right away. When I got back from the Friday outing I found all the following pictures right in a row on my camera.


Jatinder Pal Singh said...

Sat Shri Akaal to Prabhu Vir ji

First of all, i would like to thanks for your kind comments on my web blog, what u assume for me, its your kindness, you also seems kind person, i dont have brother but Waheguru fulfill my dream, because i was shareing with my Mother that i should have one brother or father, becaue i am facing so many problems in my life or i cant do better duites towards family, so now you are my real brother, i will inform to my family that we have one new family member, please forgive me if i said any thing worng.

and secondly you are good writer, you can write much better, Waheguru Kirpa Karan, You are also good photo grapher.

Please talk to me on skype as " jpsingh_khalsa" or on yahoo as " visatoheaven@yahoo.co.in"

Fathe Ji

upinder kaur said...

lovely!flowers and nice captures.
2gb card is great!no need to delete, you can go on and on.......