Monday, July 10, 2006

My Beloved

Oh my beloved, why do I feel alone?
I know you are with me, on this path you have shone.
Yet sometimes I wonder when will my family come?
What is necessary for me to become?
Must I remove all attachment, all expectations,
all bad habits... or just learn patience?

Can I remove all bad habits and not be called back by you?
Can I attain purity and remember you in all that I do?
If I am absorbed fully in your love, will I still be here?
These dreams of a family, will be for the one so near.
My feeling is that I must learn to be content while alone,
I wonder how many more years before this is done?

I have no human or animal that stays with me,
and yet I am already attached to a dream that I see.
I picture a wife and beautiful children in my home,
a sangat that is near, so close I don't need to roam.
This is my mind playing tricks, I know you are ever present,
it is rare, but it exists, when my longing for you is distant.
When my longing to connect with the divine attaches to the divine's creation,
I feel alone, I see not that I have a large family, in the Khalsa nation.

Chardi Kala is my usual state,
this is a blessing so great.
I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me,
I pray that I remember always and remove duality.
The intention is set, the prayer has been made,
I'm sure a family's in the works, the path has been laid.
Teaching me patience, creating a sense of longing for family,
has given me the capacity to appreciate these feelings for thee.


Anonymous said...

Wah Wah. This is awesome.

mandeep singh said...

waheguru, i totally connected with that poem prabhu singh...i use to write like that (not nearly as good) when i was looking for ms.right, i wasnt sure what it was that i wanted but i tell u what, i learned a lot of lessons with ms.wrongs. and the whole time i was wondering how come god? what am i missing, what do i need to learn? uve given me this desire, i dont get it. that was hard at times. so i had fun with ms.wrongs in the meantime. lol, jk. dont do that. but along with the challenges comes the grace, and thats what i enjoyed. its all his, keep smelling the roses as u are, it will all come knocking down your door. and at the right time u'll see and understand why u had to go through all this, and you'll be so humbly thankful. i was...
all love p singh,
waheguru kirpa

Angad Singh said...

awsome prabhu...

read the shabad in raag bilaval Mohan Neend Na Aveh Haveh

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks Angad Singh, that's a nice shabad and so relevant.

Anonymous said...

awesome !

Jatinder Pal Singh said...

Sat Shri Akaal to Prabhu Vir ji

First of all, i would like to thanks for your kind comments on my web blog, what u assume for me, its your kindness, you also seems kind person, i dont have brother but Waheguru fulfill my dream, because i was shareing with my Mother that i should have one brother or father, becaue i am facing so many problems in my life or i cant do better duites towards family, so now you are my real brother, i will inform to my family that we have one new family member, please forgive me if i said any thing worng.

and secondly you are good writer, you can write much better, Waheguru Kirpa Karan, You are also good photo grapher.

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Fathe Ji

Sukha Singh said...

Prabhu brother what can I say? Totally feel what your saying brother - TOTALLY DUDE!

Sikhi Seeker said...

WoW! Genuine desires and gentle wishes - may all of them be fulfilled.