Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More pictures from past few weeks

These are pictures from a party that was held in honor of Sada Sat Simran Singh and GuruDas Kaur before their wedding.
Sikh Youth
Manprit Kaur and Kawal Pal Singh talking to Dileep Kaur.

Me and my nephew.
Narayan Singh and Lakhmi Chand Singh.
Three brothers: Dharam Singh, Hari Jot Singh and Guru Jot Singh.
Dileep Kaur and Hari Bhajan Kaur.


Anonymous said...

Prabhu Singh Ji, I saw you wearing Punjabi Truck Driver Turban on Let me tell you that ....the turban really looks good on you. you should wear more often.

mandeep singh said...

he always weas a turban, i guess u mean the truck driver kind. hey prabhu i can get u some more brother

Sukha Singh said...


That party was wikid!

Just glad I was there to represent good old england....AKAAAAAAAAL!