Thursday, July 27, 2006

More pictures from the 4th

Standing on a bridge made of logs on our short walk to a nice picnic spot.
Baljeet Kaur and Balwinder Singh, great people.
A view from where we had our picnic. Can you see my brother and another person? There was a nice open field nearby where we played 500 with a frisbee. This game rocks. Unfortunately people usually get hurt in this game since it is every person for themselves and some people (me) like competition and play aggressively. Nobody got hurt too bad.
Where we had our 4th of July picnic.
I've walked past this tree a number of times including two weeks earlier, but this was the first time I saw it. This tree is at the beginning of the trail for the mountain cliff jumping.
To go cliff jumping at the place in the mountains you have to cross the stream like 9 times on the hike.

There's something artistic about this photo. Like people are marching while emerging from the river.
This is near to where we jump.


Mohinder Singh said...

Sat Sri Akal Prabhu Singh,

Pictures are really nice !! Is there any cheap Motel not so far from the Gurudwara? I am thinking of taking a one week trip to New Mexico and spend some time with Khalsa Gang!

jatlee said...

if i come! will you take me here aswell? lol we can jam with our saaz's!

Prabhu Singh said...

WHEN you come here, I'll take you to this place as well as many other places.

Prabhu Singh said...

Mohinder Singh Ji,
You shouldn't have to stay in a motel. Send me an email and I'll see what we can do to host you.
Sat Naam.