Friday, July 14, 2006

Meditating in the forest

Tej Kaur Ji, Mandeep Singh Ji, Kamalroop Singh Ji and Bhupinder Singh Ji.
Khalsa Ji
Kamalroop Singh Ji (UK-wale)
Balwinder Singh Ji (Chandigarh-wale)
Mandeep Singh Ji (New York - Wale)
Ik Jot, Baljeet Kaur Ji and Balwinder Singh Ji.
Artistic shot of Mandeep Singh Ji


Gurumustuk Singh said...

These are some nice pictures. Where is this that you guys went?

Prabhu Singh said...

This place is up in the Jemez mountains, past the Valle Grande in a place called East Fork. It's a well known area and there are usually other people there. It's about 45-50 minute drive from EspaƱola. If you're not going to jump in the water and you just want a nice green forest I can tell you of a hundred other places that aren't crowded and several that are a much shorter drive.

Hari Singh said...

A lot of people enjoy going there whether they jump or not, many, however, did intend to jump and then became intimidated and chose not to :).

Prabhu Singh said...

I think those who were planning to jump on that day jumped. It was on another recent trip that people may not have jumped. On this day it was Hari, Mandeep and myself who jumped.

Hari Singh said...

Oops, yeah thanks for clarifying that. That day there were only three of us who planned to jump and we did. It's amazing to see some people overcome their fears of jumping at this place. Raveenjeev, from singapore, impressed us all when he started by jumping off the higher cliff. Mankanwal's kids were equally impressive jumping at their age.