Thursday, July 27, 2006


Without your grace I would be no more, my preserver - Gobinday.
Save me from myself, I beg of you, my liberator - Mukanday.
Already you have given me so much, my generous lord - Udaaray.
And still I ask for more, I know no other, my boundless lord - Apaaray.
Destroy the evil of my intellect, the only destroyer - Hariang.
I have nothing, I am nothing, you are the only creator - Kariang.
How do I call thee? In all names you are the nameless - Nirnaamay.
My desire will only be quenched when I meet you, o desireless - Akaamay.


Karta Purkh Khalsa said...

Very nice poem and explication of the mantra. We need many more poets to explain ourselves to ourselves

Sukha Singh said...