Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fun on the 4th

On the 4th of July nobody had to go to work. I told people ahead of time that we would do a picnic, though only a few people made a firm commitment to come. We ended up with a pretty good group including at least 4 people who found out that morning and jumped in a car with the rest of us.
Most of the people that went, minus me and I think Sita who was also taking pictures.
This is the Valle Grande, the second largets dormant volcano in the world. You can't tell from this picture, but this space is HUGE, ENORMOUS! It's really a vast area. It was originally a land grant from the King and Queen of Spain. It was owned by the Baca family until President Clinton signed something that made it federal land. In the future it will be open to the public.
Proud to be a Sikh, one of a few shirts like this that Hari and I bought on our first trip to India.
Twins, Gurujot Singh, Prabhu Singh, Hari Jot Singh, Hari Singh.
Can you spot my Pitaji? How many people here can you name from previous blog posts?
Hari Singh and Raveenjiv Singh
Sat Nam Kaur and Harpal Singh.
They don't call it Super Soaker for nothing.
It was raining and it was cold when we set out on our journey to the mountains. We went to a place that is crowded even when it's not a holiday and nobody was there. When we arrived the sun came out and the rest of the day was perfect.


Siri Dyal said...

uuuy! si salieron los cuernos que le puse a Guru Jot... oops...sorry! :(
Pero que divertido!

Sifar said...

your Pitajee in the picture # 5 is the Singh jee with folded arms (blue Keshki and white top with american flag on it). I guess his name is Noor Singh if I am not mistaken. You got some of your dads style which is evident from picture # 4 where you are also standing with folded arms.