Monday, July 24, 2006

Friends visiting in the summer

I already posted some pictures of different people that came out for the summer. In continuing with the tribute photos, here are some more.
Captured on film - the first time Jagdeep Kaur Ji and Raveenjiv Singh Ji jumped off a cliff.
This is Raveenjiv Singh Ji from Singapore, he is a really nice guy. He has his own business in Singapore and so he was able to come out for quite a while this summer. He's a really positive guy and so polite, I couldn't imagine him ever hurting anybody. Since he can be shy sometimes, I should probably let the ladies know, he's single.
After swimming at the lake we went to Santa Fe and ate at a restaraunt. Nearby is a famous historic church with this statue of Saint Francis. Here he is showing love to Raveenjiv Singh Ji.


jatlee said...

ladies Prabhu singh is also single! man if i was a lady! GRRR!

Angad Singh said...

Jatty lets get sarab kaur married off =p

jatlee said...

lol yeah we'll do that AFTER YOU!;P