Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friday Outing

On the Friday of Solstice some friends and I went up into the mountains. I wanted to show them some of the fun things I do here. We went to the place in the mountains where you can jump off cliffs into water.

My brother spotted this snake swimming around. I chased after him.
He swam fast, but not fast enough to get away from me. He really tried to bite me a few times, but he didn't get that chance.
On the trail.
In this picture is Balwinder Singh, Baljeet Kaur, and Mandeep Singh.
Mandeep at one of the many river crossings on this trail.
In the woods.


Shinda said...

No pic's of yall jumping of the cliffs?

Mountains look nice though still, a nice get away from it all.

Prabhu Singh said...

I think I have some, I'll put them up later. I also have pictures and videos of jumping off cliffs at a nearby lake, which I'll probably put up eventually.

Sangat said...

OMG prabhu, i didnt knw u had a brother. We must see more pictures of ur brother please.

Prabhu Singh said...

Check the archives of this blog and check the S.E.V.A. blog if you want to see more pictures of my brother named Hari Singh. I have pictures from his wedding in the archives.

Anonymous said...

Is that Bob Singh? that guy's even worse (and weirder) than Kamalroop.

Prabhu Singh said...

Let's just think of compassion as the primary motivator in our treatment of other people. All the guys from UK can't be generalized in one statement, there were several people here from the UK. Sukha Singh Ji and Kamalroop Singh Ji were my guests and I can say truly that they were well liked and were well respected here. I know that Kamalroop Singh has a past that is different from the Khalsa lifestyle, but that's no reason to think negatively about him or anybody else really. Think compassion. I've done bad things in my life, things I can hardly believe in my current state that I have done. We all have different karmas and different things to learn.
In regards to Bob Singh, I had just met him when I was leaving for the mountains, and so he came along. I have (fortunately or unfortunately) heard 'wierd' things about him, but still I just feel compassion for him and others who are learning on this path. I was told he puts on a good act, and whether it was an act or not, the few conversations we had, I found a few things he said inspirational. I would rather focus on that, than anything else.
I hope he doesn't read this, though I know Sukha Singh Ji and Kamalroop Singh Ji may read this and so I'd like to say apologies if I have offended anybody and I'm sorry if other's have offended you. Just remember compassion. All I can say from personal experience is that it was an incredible blessing from God that I got to spend quality time with Sukha Singh Ji and Kamalroop Singh Ji.
I'm going to remove the above comment because I haven't had any profanity on my blog as of yet and it keeps my site clean for google searches and whatever else.
Sat Naam.

Tropical Princess said...

frankly its through lessons and experiences in life that an individual becomes wiser and hopefully, better as well. i personally do not know komalroop and bhupinder that well, but i can frankly say that these individuals from the uk sure have left a big impression on us all from singapore and im sure everywhere else. Especially Sukha Singh, considering that he's so young and yet so knowledgeable and compassionate...instead of picking on others faults and appearances, as well as their past, why dont we try to be mirrors?....get to noe a person for his or her positivities and spend those useless times of negative thoughts, indulging in positive things say praying? or maybe re-evaluating urself and seeing how u can improve urself as a person...compassion is something which we ALL lack as as a fren i know wld say....spread the love and continue wld make the world a better place to live in...satnam :)