Friday, July 28, 2006

Again on a roll

Same location, a week and a half later, I got several nice pictures in a row.

I got the above three pictures in a row and then later I got the following picture.
At the end of our trek on the 4th of July we got back to the cars as it was almost completely dark. After jumping off the cliffs we were crossing streams in off and on rain as it was almost totally dark. Just when you could see nothing more, we arrived at the cars.


Sukha Singh said...

beautiful to see these pictures - makes me wish to go back to espanola

missing you guys!

Anonymous said...

Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila performed kirtan at Darbar Sahib this morning, I missed it, did anyone record it?

If so, please link it so I can watch it or download it.


Prabhu Singh said...

I didn't record it. I don't have satelite or cable. Maybe somebody else got it?

upinder kaur said...

nice pictures Prabhu!