Friday, June 09, 2006

Yin Yang

Life giving water.
Cooks the life giving food.

Both give life and both take life. The two cannot coexist yet are both important. Both of these can hurt, yet they are still necessary. Would one condemn God for these or thank God for the blessings of these? We do not judge the elements, they are what God made them, but we judge humans?


Sifar said...

Everything created by the "Karta Purukh" has a negative and a positive side to it. What I believe the reason behind not judging these two elements (water & fire) is that it posses no threat to a human being as far as getting ahead of him/her in the life; where as when another member of our own race is involved, we compare and thus starts looking for the positives and negatives and as it is evident that humans do not pay greater attention to the positive qualities of a fellow human, they dissect the negativity so much as it gives them a great deal of satisfaction when they start criticizing and leg pulling afterwards.

PS. Missed you at Detroit Samagam.

Harkiran Kaur said...

Nature is takes its own pace to grow and come to its full beauty, but when humans takes time to grow and bloom to its full beauty, we judge that. Thats the beauty of creation, it does not care if some one will want them or not, it just grows on wheres its rooted!

Nice thoughts

Anonymous said...

rain, air, earthquake, floods- all these affect us (rich or poor) without discrimination. On the contrary, we affect everything based on our judgement and assumptions about another living beings.

Hardeep singh said...

Waheguru hey man this is definately a big problem of us humans judging other people.Any how singh jee thanks!for telling people about the kirpaans i sell.
And how is life going there preparing for the solstice? keep in touch.

satvinder said...

I think your questions are rhetorical Prabhu Veer ji and I think I know what the answers are. I agree.

Good photos and nice concept.

Harkiran Kaur said...

I am trying to access your blog Hardeep Singhji, but can't. What kinds of kirpans do you sell? I am looking for one these days, please let me know!

Thanks in advance,