Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer is here

I still have hundreds more photos from the Memorial Day weekend, but I wanted to put a picture of two really great people who came to stay with me on Saturday. It feels like summer because there are hundreds of people converging here for the different summer events.

On the left is Kamalroop Singh and on the right is Sukha Singh. These guys are totally Chardi Kala. As soon as I met them and every time I'm with them, I know I'm with the sangat. They have already taught me and will no doubt teach me more. Kamalroop Singh is working on a PHD in Dasam Bani! I will definitely enjoy learning more about Guru Gobind Singh, the Nihang tradition and other great subjects of which they are knowledgeable. This morning before going to work they taught me some funny Punjabi expressions :-)


Harkiran Kaur said...

OMG! Please let sukha singhji know that I really like his kirtan!

They are truly chardikala singh!

Sikhi Seeker said...

Lemme begin by saying that it's a great photo - they both look very happy and fitting in their chola.

A Ph.D. in Dasam and where do you do that?? He is a lucky soul...getting such insight into something so revered - he'll be an invaluable resource no doubt. But please let me know where he is studying that.


jatlee said...

lol prabhu singh! ask sukha to show you our famous machine gun laugh and to teach you it! lol if you know that laugh that means your one of us! tell him jatlee said to tell you the machine gun laugh! ERRRRRR!

Hardeep singh said...

Jatlee bhaji what is the machine gun laugh????/