Friday, June 02, 2006

The start of our journey

Considering most of the beautiful photos on this blog are from New Mexico, it is only natural that I took a lot of photos before even reaching Colorado. Again you'll have to click the photos to really enjoy them.
Imagine this picture and the one below are your views from work. Where do you suppose you'd be working?

Yep, the Dairy Queen in Chama New Mexico.
Chama New Mexico, where the local charm extends to the grammar. Chama's just big enough to have a grocery store, a few gas stations and I guess a Dairy Queen. I've met some real nice people from Chama. It's a little more than an hour drive from EspaƱola.
Most of the highways in New Mexico are actually pretty good. They have to be since people drive really fast on them (including me). However, sometimes they have to completely destroy the road and start over again. I was driving on a main highway that had two long stretches of dirt and gravel.
Another view from the road. There's still snow on the mountains in the background. I'm not sure if those mountains or part of them are in New Mexico, or if they're across the border in Colorado.


Sikhi Seeker said...

What's that, an abandoned truck/trailer in the first photo? I don't mind having my office right there, provided no one ever asks me to work over time :P

This place is beautiful...but that dairy queen with a few selective treats is just incredible especially with charming signs like that...hehe

Harpal Singh said...

The second scene is really beautiful.

jatlee said...

huh whats the dariy queen?

Hardeep singh said...

Beautifull work prabhu you are a great man!
hey would like some help of you some time?
Please e-mail.