Monday, June 19, 2006

Peace Prayer Day

The start of the Summer Solstice Sadhana camp is an event called 'Peace Prayer Day.' It is an interfaith event where different religious and political leaders and social activists and peace activists come to pray and celebrate peace on Earth.
End of the day at the Solstice Site.
Can you see the moon in this picture?
The main shelter where events take place.
Buddhist monks doing chanting.
A local Jewish leader saying a prayer.
Cute kids. Narayan on the left escaping the picture, then Siri Atma Kaur, Saribjot Kaur, and Saribjot Singh.
Two of the best female voices on the planet, talking to each other. Snatam Kaur and Dileep Kaur.
The audience at the event.
More of the audience.


manpreet kaur said...

Waheguru, this is great!

I wish i could be there, so take many pictures.

Blessings for the sangat, especially for you, Prabhu!

Hardeep singh said...

Man i am wishing to be there too from many years.Thjanks for the oictures and please if you could take more pictures of solstice and other events i will really appretiate your work .

My of life Pictures said...

Prabhu I love your Sunset picture Naryan is a funny Kid i have some pictures of him when he and Guru came out here to Vist the family tell him hello

Anonymous said...

prabhu singh ji.. could u pls give a link to anything by bibi dileep kaur... i have not heard any of her stuff before...

would be very much appreciated. thanks!

stay in chardi kalla!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of her stuff on under multimedia. Click on anything by 'deep kaur'