Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ishnaan Seva

Although Sunday Gurdwara was at the solstice site, we still did Ishnaan Seva on Saturday night. On Saturday after Peace Prayer Day we stayed at the site for a while and I met up with so many people that I know. It started to get late and we finally left. Sukha Singh Ji, Kamalroop Singh Ji and myself drove down from the mountain and went straight to the Gurdwara. We were almost an hour late and when we got the Gurdwara there were only two people there. Sat Bachan Kaur Ji and Sat Nirmal Kaur Ji, both amazing Gursikh women. Sat Bachan Kaur Ji leads the ishnaan seva and has done so since we've had marble floors. Sat Nirmal Kaur Ji is the CEO of Akal Security and also a pillar of the community. These two Aunty Ji's are very inspirational. They couldn't do the heavy lifting, which is required to clear the marble floors, so they were planning to clean around the (really) heavy carpets and move as much as they could. When the three of us showed up, they were happy to see us. It took us until 12:30 AM to finish, but it was so Chardi Kala. I love Ishnaan Seva in EspaƱola and I almost never miss it. It is so dear to my heart I cannot even explain it. We were subsequently late for the Gurdwara at the solstice site the next day, but it was still incredible.
After finishing the seva we take a hukam. Here Sukha Singh Ji is reading the hukam and Kamalroop Singh is doing the chauri sahib seva. We forgot to get the cloth from the head of Sukha after he carried the Guru :-)

Putting the ramalay back on after cleaning the floors and bringing everything back in.


Hardeep singh said...

That's wonderfull man how do you manage to carry your camera everywhere?
this is just wonderfull!!!!!!
it has been a while since the last time i went to Ishnaaan sewa in Golden temple,but i will be going there soon if i am able to go in side and sneak my camera i will try to take some pictures and will put somewhere so u guys can see.
well this is just awesome man!

FaujKaur said...

Dhan Dhan Guru Ke Sikh

UK Khalsa said...

Kamalroop = nangs
sikh student camp = nangs

supporters of camp = Anti -Panthics!


Disappointing Sikh Student Camp and more...
Posted: 2006-04-05 10:54:12
Author : Dayal Singh, London

Is this camp still taking place this year? Is anyone doing anything to stop it?

My cousin (who is a mona) went to this camp and was told by one of these Naang Singhs that it is allowable for Singhs to visit prostitutes as long as they are not muslim.

Please can we do something about this Camp. Also elders must be aware of the parchaar that's happening at this camp.


Puja said...

what is Ishnaan seva, and what is chardi kala, some one please tell me.
i m not a sikh,but m very intersted in the religion

Anonymous said...

WaheGuruJiKaKhalsa; WaheGuruJiKiFateh! My name is Amrit. I wanted to post a comment to Dayal of London. I pray that God and Guru forgive you for your blasphemous comments toward this Khalsa Panth gathering. If you look with your own eyes you can see the beautiful devotion and service that these people are performing. They gather to simply praise God's name, perform kirtan and seva and to pray for peace and unity. Your careless and shameful comments are what are truly anti-panthic. May Guru open your eyes and your heart and forgive you the shame of your comments toward his devotees!

uk khalsa said...

its Kamalroop. see sikhissues.blogspot.com.

which is first Sikhi or friendship?
its like followers of baba they dont belive it until they get a slap!

jeeahu mailae baaharahu niramal ||
Inwardly polluted, and outwardly pure.

baaharahu niramal jeeahu th mailae thinee janam jooai haariaa ||
Those who are outwardly pure and yet polluted within, lose their lives in the gamble.

Prabhu Singh said...

Ishnaan seva is the seva that we do to wash the marble floors of the Gurdwara. Ishnaan as I understand it, translates as bath, in a way we are giving the marble a bath.
Chardi Kala means, high spirits. Guru Gobind Singh instructed the Sikhs to be in Chardi Kala.

Prabhu Singh said...

It's time to fire back at the UK 'Khalsa'
Friendship is Sikhi, the only thing that matters is compassion. I don't care what people have done in the past, I don't care what some random person said at a camp that otherwise seems to be chardi kala. Kamalroop has taught me a lot, his actions speak louder than a random person's words. Everybody is human.
The 'mona' cousin is the real nang. Nang means naked, how can a nihang in the full roop of Guru Gobind Singh, be called nang, in comparison to someone with the naked head of an apostate?
There is so much ridiculous politicking going on in the UK, between certain jethas. The first I heard of the Sikh student camp was from Gurumustuk's blog. It looks like a great camp, it's not run by a specific jetha and will surely present things differently than that jetha. I'm not inclined to believe the nonsense on the internet, when all the people I know associated with the camp are chardi kala. If you are Khalsa you will be recognized in a crowd of thousands. UK Khalsa, doesn't show any recognition to me. If you want your words to have meaning then stand behind them. Tell us all your name, and what agenda you have. I'm not saying Kamalroop Singh is perfect, I'm just saying he is great. In our ardaas we talk of seeing the faults of others and choosing to overlook them.
In this blog I have never criticized anyone specifically or any jetha, because that is not what this path is about. I use this blog to share nice things with other people. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. It is a simple fact, which will lead you to the realization of the ONE.

Sukha Singh said...


Sukha Singh here prabhu - MISSING U TOO MUCH!


my fateh to my brothers and sisters in espanola!

Anonymous said...

WaheGuruJiKaKhalsa; WaheGuruJiKiFateh. This is Amrit again, who posted a comment a few days ago to Dayal S./London. I did not realize at the time that it was also "UK Khalsa" that I was addressing my original comments to. I now understand that it is "UK Khalsa" who was writing those very untrue things as well as quoting an earlier post by Dayal Singh. Therefore, just so YOU know, "UK Khalsa", whoever you are...my original comments are very much (doubly so) directed to you as well. As you quoted from Guru Granth Sahib Ji, are YOU "outwardly pure"? I believe that anyone devoted to walking the path of Sikhism is trying their best to understand and live by their Guru's teachings, also of which contains compassion and the ability to help, not JUDGE or blasmpheme anyone who is devoted to this committment. Please open your heart and your mind and ask Guru to allow you to see with eyes of love, seva and compassion and not anger and judgement. Sat Siri Akal.