Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Into the forest

Out of the forest. The meadows were filled with grass and flowers, while the forest had sparse vegetation due to the needles.
A soft purple flower, amongst sharp sticks and needles.
Civilization :-) I bought this 5 person tent because I wanted a tent I could do Sat Kriya in (a meditation where I extend my arms above my head). All the other tents are too short. So this is where we stayed on our first night. We packed up and moved the tent the next day when we went to Utah.


manpreet kaur said...

Waheguru Ji

a belated happy birthday, Prabhu !!!! and of course for your brother too!

love and lots of blessings!

upinder kaur said...

Lovely forest!
Which trees are these?Is it pine?
I was posted once in such a forest for two years. It was such a bliss!
This photo gave me a strong feeling of nostalgia.