Thursday, June 08, 2006

I know a great camping spot

After we were in Colorado, we went to Utah near a place called Canyon Lands. Akal knew a great camping spot, and the closer we got, the more smoke we saw. At one point Akal said 'if I had to guess from here, where the camping spot is, I'd say it's right where that smoke is coming from.' When I took these pictures we were pretty close and realized that the smoke was near the spot, but still before it. The road was closed though and they wouldn't let us drive past the fire, even though the spot was past the fire.


Sikhi Seeker said...

It reminds me of the pictures of the indonesian earthquake and volcano :S

Anonymous said...

this is a great place to be mr prabu singh ji,is it solstice?
well i knew that my comment on the post Raj Karega Khalsa will wouldn't be liked by you and i know that you want to talk to me straight that will be really good man i hope we could talk face to face and that's not going to happen i have nothing against you or anyone as i mentioned you before i just wanted to tell you the truth but you said i am lieying or some one told me sme lies how can you be so sure that you are not told lies or you just want to cover up someone else's lies?
well my brother soon i will be telling you my email so we can talk.
take care
And do not get angry ok man
sat sri akal
and also block comments on this one too???????/ lol