Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Favorite Raagi

I can't even describe how much I like the voice of Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji. He is definitely my favorite raagi, in terms of voice. Sometimes I spend time listening to his CDs and then trying to play them on the harmonium. He probably thought I was weird just taking pictures of him. I told him he was my favority raagi and he seemed to understand me. I thought that he spoke English, but I think he only knows a little.


Anonymous said...

first time iv ever heard of him....where can i listen to him doing keertan

Prabhu Singh said...

At Sikhnet you can listen to a fair amount of his recordings. He was the main Hazoori Raagi at the Hari Mandir Sahib for a long time (I think). When you hear his recordings, you'll probably think 'Oh yeah, I've heard him a lot.' :-)

Gurpreet Singh said...

have you heard his asa di vaar cd?

Prabhu Singh said...

The Bhai Nirmal Asa di var CD's are so great. The first shabad on the first disc is awesome. I sat down rewinding and replaying parts of that shabad over and over again until I figured out all the notes.
On Thursday last week Bhai Nirmal played Asa Di Var live in the Amrit Vela, I was so happy to hear it live after listening to the CD's so often. I totally sang along when he sang the shabad 'Babiha Amrit Velay Boleya.'
I love that shabad and that tune. WaheGuru.

Angad Singh said...

yah i like his kirtan a lot as well.

baabee ha amirt vele boleya is a shabad i like as well..apart from that i like the way he renders mauli dharti mauliya aakash in basant raag.

I shall be getting back home in 2 to 3 week so i ll send out some more cd's to.

Guru Fateh