Friday, June 02, 2006

Act against war and empire

I saw the above slogan on a bumper sticker and I just loved it. I have such a passion for justice. I would give my life in a heartbeat in fighting for justice. Check out this article:

Also check out this website and this awesome cause:
I wish I could be at the event, it looks like a really good event.


Inderpreet Singh said...

Prabhu Singh,

I read about her interview last week as well. Indeed quite interesting.

Reminds me of Prof. Puran Singh's thoughts on the subject of liberty, freedom and justice:

"No man or society that has risen from the dead into the life of the spirit can tolerate political subjugation or social slavery to unjust laws or rules. Politics, in the sense of fighting against all social injustice, all tyranny, all wrong taxation of the poor, all subjugation of man to man were the 'politics' of the Guru. Without freedom no true religion or art can flourish anywhere. Human love, too, degenerates if freedom fails." - Prof. Puran Singh - in his Forward to Spirit of the Sikh (Vol 1, Part II).

Remain in Carhdi Kala!

Harkiran Kaur said...

Arunadhati roy interview was definitely very informative, thanks for posting!

I loved her comparision of caged animals with caged CEO!

Otpreka Singh said...

great article in that first link

Anonymous said...

Noble sentiments indeed! Sentiments which I presume that every true Sikh is duty bound to hold close to his heart. However in every battle that the Khalsa has ever fought they have been out-numbered. Never did we fight a battle in we they had a numerical majority. In the first battle at Bhangani Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh Ji along with 2,000 Khalsa faced a forced of 7,000 (forcres of the Hill Rajahs). And it got worse from that point onwards. Finally at Chamkaur Sahib, Guruji along with about 20 Sikhs faced an entire army. Again in 1984 a few true Khalsas stared down the indian army. We have been laying down our lives for four centuries too no avail. Today we are absolutely nowhere and the Khalsa lies mortally wounded.

The task of the day is strengten the Khalsa through Knowledge , information warfare, preservation of the true History, preservation of the mission of the Rider of The Blue Stallion and the adherence to Bana and the unswerving adherence to the noble ideals of the Khalsa. The time will come when the mighty Khalsa will rise.

Wahe Guruji Ka Khalsa
Wahe Guruji Ki Fateh!

Kiren said...

Dear Prabhu,

thanks for posting Arundhati Roy's interview, i really enjoyed reading it.

to any book lovers out there who haven't read The God of Small Things, i highly recommend it.. its written beautifully.