Friday, May 05, 2006

Yesterday's sunset

Some say they can see you, some say you can't be seen,
If I am not blind, what I see is you, this beauty is your sheen.
With every precious gift you give me I have your beloved darshan,
I beg of you that I remember this at every moment, not just one.

There is so much I don't know,
in this universal flow.
What I want to learn is how to be yours,
to let go of self and open the tenth of doors.

You have blessed me in so many ways, and still I ask for more,
I can't help it, there's only one, without you my heart is sore.
By your divine grace, I am recognized as the son of my master,
with his heavenly image from turban to shaster.

This is why I ask for more, I represent something far beyond me,
the naam I wish to store, and without discrimination I wish to see.
The ability to show compassion to all in service to you,
to remember forever Sat Naam, your name is true.


Sikhi Seeker said...

Nature, especially undistubed like this one, is surely the best catalyst to attain Sat Naam :)

Angad Singh said...

amazing poem!!


Tajinder Kaur said...

Really beautiful poem. You are a true poet. I feel so calm right now after reading. I've been in a lot of stress for the past few days beacuse of next week is finals week. (wish me luck .. cuz i need it) Been revising a lot. I feel chain after reading your poem. Thanks :)

upinder kaur said...

wonderful!You sure write good poems!!

Satwindar Singh said...

Dear Prabhu Singh,

Very beautifully written, stay in chardi kala.

Guru ang sang

Satwindar Singh

xSHANTIx said...


Pali said...

WKdddd poem and Amazing pictures! You can even see the rays of the sun from the picture.
Bless You!

Gurumustuk Singh said...

Prabhu the poet... Who would have known? Maybe there is a poet in all of us that we just haven't found yet.

samar said...

Sat Sri Akaal!

Poems usually seem just words ordered,
but praise of Guru erases border -
between creator and created,beauteous wonder.

Thank u Prabhu ji for the unique gift,i shall wait for the next installments.

Naam Chit Aave.
ps//Gurumustuk Singh ji u are spot on with ur observation.

Guru Meher Khalsa said...

You are definitely refining your photography skills. Hope to be able to use your skills on the ashram website.

SikhsRus said...

Beautiful poem Prabhu Singh! Can't wait for more!

ss said...

Beautiful sunsets - I need to capture!

satvinder said...


prabhu veer ji. Sincere respect for your pyar for waheguru.

I pray may waheguru ji bless you and may you forever keep this jot of love burning.

I feel as if I should congratulate you dear brother, so I will. Congratualtions (",)