Thursday, May 18, 2006

Still love my commute

How can I not love this drive to work?
This is called black mesa. It is a sacred place for the Indians. There is rumored to be a spring at the top, which is how a band of Indians got water when hiding from the US army during a stand for their land in the 1800's. It is on pueblo land and you have to get permission to go on it, but I don't know if anybody ever has gotten permission. There are other legends and rumors associated with it, which I will share along with other great stories and legends when you all come visit me. The Indians did make a stand against the army there, but it is unkown if there is a water supply at the top. You can see from all the green trees in the front of the mesa that the Rio Grande runs through the valley at the front of this mesa.
These are interesting clouds.

P.S. Did anybody watch the San Antonio/Dallas game last night? Ginobili was on fire!


Puja said...

the game !!!! ??
naaa, i dont keep up with that stuff so much. sorry
hehe, just wanted to post something.
have a good weekend Prabhu ji.

Gurpreet Singh said...

Wicked...Im kinda feeling the Espanola vibe...reminds me of home...where the grass is always green and the sun is always hot and coconut water with steel drops...oh by the way didn't get to watch the game singh..I sold my Tv haha...

Singhu said...

Nice photos Khalsajee

Sikhi Seeker said...

love the story of black mesa and i do want to check for myself if there is a spring up there? :) More legends and stories please!