Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Siri Guru Amar Das Sahib Ji

With total humility you taught service.
With total devotion you showed bliss.
With the highest love you attained Nanak's throne.
With the highest consciousness you are known.

What can be said by a moorakh like me?
By Your divine grace, I am your devotee.
Blessed are the Sikhs on this day,
to honor your birth and live in your way.


Pali said...

I am afrid Prabhu that after looking everywhere for the name of the plant i cannot find it. It is in my front garden and i helped plant it. It changes colour from green to orange to other fasinating colours. In late Augaust in gives plum sized pimpkin shaped seeds. When i go to the nursery (plant shop), i will take my camera and ask him there.

satvinder said...

I'm lost. What a beautiful poem prabhu veer ji. hmnnn just so beautiful...

Satwinder Singh said...