Friday, May 19, 2006


I see the mark of Zoro.
Planes playing in the sunset. ^^vv


Pali said...

HAHA Zoro thats funny! :)

Inderpreet Singh said...

Prabhu Singh,

The fascination with natural beauty and the finer arts of life is the sign of a Guru ka Sikh. Guru Nanak the Sovereign Prophet of the Sikhs says in the "Salokas beyond the Ballads" (salok varan te vadik) -

"Those that don't appreciate the fine arts, are not pulled by raga, are not fond of poetry and literature and discourse, those that don't have any virtues but yet are proud of themselves. Those humans are as good as donkeys."

Keep appreciating natural beauty and sharing it. As a flower, become part of a bouquet and share in the fragrance. It is much needed.

Carhdi Kala!

jatlee said...

man your photos are wikked! lol have you tried panoramic yet?its quite fun! p.s im still waiting for my picture dedicated to me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Prabhu Ji, Satnam!

Very rare over here we have these slightly orange skies you have in New Mexico.
We have them sometimes in October, November. So people over here say to the children:
" Look Sinterklaas is baking cookies!" Sinterklaas is the original european santaclaus and his celebration is on 6/12.
But i think Sinterklaas is baking in new Mexico full year. There must be a lot of good kids in USA, well at least in New Mexico:-)
Photo's are beautiful!
manpreet kaur