Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Saturday Seva

On Saturday morning after the Bhog ceremony for the Akandh Path (which happens every Saturday after Sadhana) we met at the Plaza de Española for 'The Great American Clean-up Day." We got trash bags and then went off to different parts of Española to pick up trash. The SEVA team went to the neighborhood where the Gurdwara is. The pictures are on the SEVA blog.
I usually get photos for my blog on the weekends, but when I get seva photos they go on a different blog and I don't have as much material. Here on the Española Plaza you can see a replica of a Spanish Colonial mission. In the background you can see the Jemez mountains with a fresh layer of snow.


msingh said...

great pictures on the sewa blog, looks like you guys are really well organised when it comes to doing sewa.

Pali said...

Wonderful Seva i must agree, Keep up the Excellent Work Guys!!! If u need a hand, give me a shout! Thanks!

Tajinder Kaur said...

It's really great that you are doing seva in your community.I am touched by it. I wish we had some form of organized seva over here.

Do you do this every Saturday? You're dedication is examplery. Is there any types of Seva that you do, besides cleaning up the city?

Waheguru Bless you and keep it up

Prabhu Singh said...

We don't do seva every Saturday, but we generally meet weekly so that we can plan seva events. If you look in the archives of the seva blog you will see most of the projects we've done since we started. This was our first time as a group to pick up trash. We have done langars before, we have planted trees, we've served food at other events, and we've helped with Habitat for Humanity. Before the trash pickup, the most recent seva we did was to serve food and drink to people who were on a religious pilgrimage to a sacred Chapel near to our community. A few weeks before the Easter pilgirmage we served food and drink to several hundred walkers that walked through the city to protest the huge drug problem that is here. A few weeks before that we planted trees in several locations throughout the city including at the sight of the pilgrimage 'El Santuario de Chimayo.'
Our group is 5 members and when we decide on an event or organize an event we try to involve as much of the rest of the sangat as we can.