Monday, May 22, 2006


I hope I'm not breaking any copyrights or insulting anybody, but I owe Jatinder Singh Ji a funny picture, so I made this with my awesome MS Paint skills:


Anonymous said...

hahah!!!!i got another one for my dear jat paajui..but here in inda i got almost no internet..m trying to get someting that i can hook up my lappy let see wht happens



Preet said...

hehe! This is too funny!
That's a bit of a dodgy smile though Jat li! ;o)
Well done Prabhu Ji! :o)

jatlee said...

loooooooooool HA HA HAH AHA! lol thats is toooooooooo funny
lol it works! ahem! my voti doesnt look to bad either! HAHAHAAHA hyou clown! thanks prabhu paaji! YOUR NEXT!

jatlee said...

thansk for choosing the pic of me when im up at 2am loll! and looking mashed after a long day!

Anonymous said...

This is funny!
usual very serious Jatlee looks very happy in this picture.

Sikhi Seeker said...

this is hilarious! i can see what's keeping you busy Prabhu ji...hehe

satvinder said...

lol cool (",)